This structure won Hanuše Zápala 2018

When deciding upon the house we tried to build on the wider context and
scale of older residential buildings on Slovany from the period of
socialist realism, which represent a relatively high quality housing
within Plzeň. In connection with the surrounding area we tried to
rhythmize the facades with vertical French windows complemented by
balconies and loggias.
Another important motif based on the narrower context of the Světovar
complex is the combination of the original industrial function and the
planned cultural content of the adjacent space. We have responded to
this interesting functional connection mainly by the expression of the
eastern facade that turns to the brewery court - the main square of
Světovar. This facade is made up of continuous loggias, which bring life
to the square, while their playful cover with vertical screens is an
attractive artistic element that creates a scenical impression.
Screensavers also give users some privacy on lodges.
Thanks to the investor, who paid attention to the interior of the public
space, the hallway concept of the house is not dark, but it is
illuminated by three skylights and revived by differently colored doors
to the apartments. The three colors chosen also appear on the partitions
of the loggias giving a distinctly unique character to the whole